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Welcome to our in depth growing guide.


This page will be constantly updated with up to date information on how to grow marijuana.  Focused on general growing but with  a hint of hydroponics.

There are many ways of starting seeds but we believe that this is the most efficient way. Resulting in the most healthy seedlings.

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Put rockwool cubes in reverse osmosis water for 24 hours. Water should be PH'd to about 5.8.

We use 1.5'' x 1.5'' rockwool cubes.

Eight hours later put seeds into a cup and fill cup half way with spring water and wait 16 hours.

eg: bottled water.

shake water out of rockwool so it is damp and not soaked.

Insert seeds into rockwool cubes about 1/2'' under the surface and cover with a ripped thin part of rockwool.

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​Dip cubes into the water that has seedling level nutrients in for about 3-5 seconds.

Use about 1/2 the recommended amount listed by the General Hydroponics bottle.

Only put about 1/4'' of the cube into the water, we do not want too much water to start.


​Place the cubes in a seedling hood under vegetation light. The light we use in our main tents are 1000W dimmed to 50% for seedling stage.

Place Light about 20'' away from the top of the cubes.

Within a few days you will see them sprout. This works for starting plants for both soil and hydro.

Continue to monitor daily for about 5-7 days.

Usually dipping in the water once per day but varies depending on humidity and if dome is used.

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Time to fill up the Triple Bucket System.

Check out the Hydroponics Information to learn more about our exact nutrient rates and timings.

Our system is easy to use and its not necessary to copy our strategies but we have had the greatest success using these tactics.

Our system is specifically designed with General Hydroponics nutrients because its our growers preference but it will work with all hydroponics nutrients.

We suggest using about 50% of the label suggest rate due to our flow and concentrated aeration.

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Put in growing medium. 

We use volcanic rock.


Place plant about 1/2 into the bucket and surround stem and cover cube with rock gently.

The goal here is to get the plant sticking out of the rocks by less than 1''.

This covers up the cube to prevent molding, allows the plant to have protection, gives stability, and allows access to  light.

Use a cup to pour 500-1000 ml of nutrient water from the system around the plant to keep moist.

Seedling lasts for 1 to 2 weeks.

Change water after 1 week in system.

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Vegetation is usually 3-4 weeks.