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The Triple Bucket System

This is Steele Hydroponic's signature Triple Bucket System.

We have designed this 3 bucket system specifically for home growers looking for an easy and consistent way of growing.  Following our way of growing will give you the results you have been looking for and whether you plan to grow luscious tomatoes or big budded marijuana, these systems are for you.

Custom Design

This is a product that has had many iterations and after almost a decade of modifications we strongly believe this hydroponics system will leave you amazed.

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Aeration is Important

We have a deep appreciation for aeration and the benefits of keeping the plants oxygenated. It is crucial for the system's success that these stones are kept clean.


Focused on Flow

At Steele Hydroponics we focus a lot on flow of the system.  We specifically placed 3 buckets in a row to create a concentrated flow that is centralized around the pump. 

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Two Plant System

We created this system to perfectly fit 2 plants.  Each system thrives in a 4x4 tent or space but will do just fine in a 2x4.

2 systems fits within a 4x4 tent as seen in the picture.

Quality and Care

Every system is created with care, precision, has strict quality control guidelines, and is personally checked by our head grower.

We love hydroponics and love what we do.

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